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StarGazer Records

Fact: There is someone who has created a new platform for young, fresh and talented bands.

This might sound naïve when you think about the Rip & Burn generation and Record Stores as an endangered species.

Maybe these guys have got too much money to throw away or just can find no other way to fight boredeom.

Or these people are simply crazy. But what about the assumption that there might be someone who is willing to put his or her heart, soul and complete faith into something? Someone who believes that there are people out there who would gladly exchange their pocket money for cds, vinyl, tickets and merchandise instead of staring at a computer screen looking for the source of their next download. Maybe people who are even willing to pay for their downloads. It would be too easy, not to say unrewarding, to earn a pay check while working in an open plan office. What we want is fame, glory and immortality within the sparkling world of overall pop culture.

StarGazer – this is who we are.


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