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Marius Ziska: New single & tourdates

August 10, 2013

March 2013 saw the release of Marius Ziska’s debut album „Recreation“ plus the bands very first german-tour ever. The feedback was overwhelming and it not officious to say that almost everybody who saw the band live was extremely touched by Marius‘ voice and the bands harmonies.

It’s time to come back. „While You Were Dreaming“ – the second single out off „Recreation“ will be released digitally on September 13th. It contains an exclusive and really amazing B-Side called „The House“. In the meantime you can listen to the title track here.

Marius Ziska and band will also come back to germany on september 16th. Please check the tour section for details.

Grant Creon: New Album Release

August 4, 2013

Everybody is in denial. Sometimes. Always. Grant Creon wrote a record about this state of mind, a record you can’t resist. You’ll become a prisoner of it’s intensity, of your thoughts and maybe even of yourself.
„In Denial“ will be released on September 27th. Listen to a new song. Now.

Kingsfoil: Album Release & Tour

Juli 3, 2013

70 days. You can count the days until the release of Kingsfoil’s new album „A Beating Heart Is A Bleeding Heart“. The band is super excited to visit germany pretty soon, the first dates are set. You are more than welcome to come to one of these shows (more tba soon) and celebrate the first official european release with the whole band.

27.09. 2013 Köln – MTC; 28.09. 2013 Hamburg – Reeperbahnfestival; 30.09. 2013 Berlin – Bi Nuu; 01.10. 2013 München – Kranhalle; 03.10. 2013 Wien – Waves Festival
Presented by SLAM and crazewire.de

If They Ask Tell Them We’re Dead: Tour

April 24, 2013

The press feedback for ITATTWD’s debut album „Rivulet Moan“ was amazing – now it’s time to celebrate the release on tour! The girls’n’guys will hit the road soon – presented by our dear friends of crazewire.de and nbhap.com!

24.05. Köln – Limes
25.05. Hannover – Café Glocksee
26.05. Nürnberg – MuZ Club (Soirée)
27.05. Würzburg – Cairo
06.06. Kiel – Schaubude
07.06. Offenbach – Hafen2
08.06. Chemnitz – Aaltra Vox Festival

Sans Parade: New Videoclip

April 23, 2013

„Fuck with the hesitation.
 Fuck with the condemnation.
Fuck with the expectations.
I need to be with you.“

A couple of days ago nbhap.com premiered the new Sans Parade videoclip for “In A Coastal Town”, saying “The video clip for “In A Coastal Town” is full of strong images and nature and cold beauty.“ Music as a form of speech. Once again.  Watch the clip here.

Marius Ziska: Tour

Februar 26, 2013

Germany and Switzerland – the lovely Marius Ziska band will hit the road in a couple of weeks to put a spell on you! If you have the chance you should stop by, enjoy their music and chat with them. They are pretty excited to meet all of you!

Marius Ziska

präsentiert von Tonspion.de, NBHAP, jmc.de, fastforward-magazine.de

21.03. Lübeck – Blauer Engel // 22.03. Husum – live in the living // 23.03. Kiel – Prinz Willy   // 24.03. Berlin – loophole // 25.03. Berlin – White Trash // 26.03. Dresden – Thalia Kino // 27.03. Leipzig – Lu99 // 28.03. Duisburg – Grammatikoff // 29.03. (CH) Biel – Ufo // 30.03. Freiburg – Räng Teng Teng // 31.03. München – Milla // 01.04. Lindau – Großstadt // 03.04. Chemnitz – Aaltra  // 04.04. Münster – Tante August

New Signing: Kingsfoil

Januar 25, 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s a pleasure to let you know that Stargazer just signed a deal with the american band KINGSFOIL. Kingsfoil have just released the album called ‚A beating heart is a bleeding heart‘ in the US and it charted in the top 40 Billboard charts. One of the members of the band (Drums) is Frankie Muniz better known as the lead actor of ‚Malcolm in the Middle‘. To get a rough preview watch their current video clip here. Stay tuned for more information.

I Build Collapsible Mountains: Carousel EP

Januar 8, 2013

You might heard rumours of a new I Build Collapsible Mountains EP – and indeed: the Carousel EP will be released on february 22nd – available through all download platforms worldwide. It contains 5 non-album tracks plus a remastered version of „Carousel“.

Sans Parade: New Videoclip + Free Download

Dezember 28, 2012

Modern baroque pop characterized by an infusion of orchestral arrangements and electroacoustic elements within an indie pop setting.

After their fantastic debut single “The Last Song Is A Love Song” (“This is music that is larger than life – yet it’s more human than anything else out there” – weallwantsome.org)  you are able to listen to another track of their upcoming album “Sans Parade” – which will be released on February 15th. Have a look at their brand new video clip for “December 13th” – if you like you can download that track plus the non-album-cut “Illusion” for free: click.

New Signing: Marius Ziska

Dezember 25, 2012

I don’t wanna close the books without a special announcement. This year I got invited to attend the fantastic G! festival on the Faroe islands – needless to say it was an amazing experience. I saw dozens of great bands but one musician tugged at my heartstrings like no other: Marius Ziska. As often words cannot describe music in an appropriate way so I’d please you to watch his session on KEXP instead: click here.

Recently Marius and his incredible band performed at the Glimps Festival in Ghent – this is what Robert Helbig of nbhap.com wrote about the show: „Then it was time for another singer/songwriter act: MARIUS ZISKA. Wonderful tunes and a falsetto voice that reminds of BON IVER and WILL SAMSON. Songs to dream away and to get lost in thoughts – and the entire audience did so.“

I am more than happy to announce that Stargazer will release his album „Recreation“ on march 1st followed by a tour in late march/april. Stay tuned for more information.