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New Signing: REKK

November 30, 2015

It’s always a very special feeling when you sign a new deal with a band. It’s exciting: will you – dear listeners – like them as much as I do? Will you feel this tingle, will your heart beat a bit faster? Unpredictable, neverthless I feel this strong trust. In you. Because Rekk are amazing and they deserve your attention. Some of you might already know this german quintet – as they supported the ever-present Annenmaykantereit earlier this year.

I am very happy to announce that Rekk will release their debut album on Stargazer. „Sixtytwo“ is due on February 26th, 2016. Feel free to listen to their first EPs until we will feed you with new material. Soon.

Sans Parade: Artefacts

November 9, 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen, I know it has been silent over here – I apologize for this fauxpas and hope you follow Stargazer on Facebook to not miss any news.

Be sure: there a some great new releases coming up! First of all Sans Parades sophomore album „Artefacts“, due November 27th in cooperation with Solina Records from Finland. You can already stream and buy „Hyperborea“ – the first single, released on October 23rd. Preorder the CD (10 Euro) or the Vinyl incl. Downloadcode (15 Euro) by sending a message to homeshopping(at)stargazerrecords.de Both prices include shipping within Europe. Preorder the digital version here.

Marius Ziska: Pre-stream on Rollingstone.de

April 14, 2015

Friday 17th of April will see the release of Marius Ziska’s sophomore album „Home/Heim“. You are already able to listen to the complete record at Rollingstone.de – just click and enjoy!

On Tour: Cub & Wolf

März 22, 2015

Cub & Wolf will revisit Germany (and Austria) next week. The routing allows a hell of a ride but these guys do never rest!

26.03. Berlin – Duncker Club // 27.03. Neu Tramm – Raum 2 // 28.03. Hamburg – Knust // 29.03.  Husum – Livingroom show //

30.03. Freiburg – Passage 46 // 31.03. Hannover – Glocksee // 01.04. Köln – Wohngemeinschaft //

02.04. Innsbruck – Die Bäckerei // 03.04. Leipzig – Noch Besser Leben // 04.04. Cottbus – Galerie Fango // 22.05. Beverungen – Orange Blossom Special Festival

PREORDER: New Partner

Februar 2, 2015


New Signing: Cub & Wolf

Oktober 11, 2014

Grant Creon & Golden Kanine. Friends and fans of both bands know, that the connection between these two is based on way more than just living in the same city called Malmö. Mattias Larsson acted as a producer for GK9’s album „Oh Woe!“ and Linus Lindvall contributed on several songs on Grant Creon’s debut album „Damn Those Things“. Besides that they are very close friends and speak the same musical language. Now they merged and founded Cub & Wolf.

Their debut album will be released on January 16th on vinyl only and it will sound like this:

New Signing: The Lancaster Orchestra

August 11, 2014

What seems to be a whole orchestra is actually just a single man and his guitar. But Carl Mathson – the mastermind behind The Lancaster Orchestra doesn’t need more than that to create his melancholic but beautiful sound. Listening for the first time to a live version of “Heart Of Stone” left me starring at the computer screen and wondering how this man could make everything stop for a little while.

Let’s stop again for a second to say: Welcome Carl Mathson, Welcome The Lancaster Orchestra. It’s a pleasure.


The Great Bertholinis: Preorder

August 3, 2014

The very first of you who preorder the new album „Brothers & Devils“ on CD or 180g vinyl (white) will receive an exclusive, extraordinary and beautiful Bertholinis towel (as long as stock lasts). The pricing of 10 Euro (CD) and 15 (LP) includes postage within germany. EU customers simply add 2 Euro – international orders are also welcome – please ask for postage! To save your copy of this piece of art simply send an email to homeshopping(at)stargazerrecords.de in order to receive payment details.


The Great Bertholinis: New videoclip

Juli 27, 2014

Wow – it’s been a while! It’s not as if nothing happened in the meantime – far from it! So in case it slipped out of your attention that The Great Bertholinis released a videoclip for their first single out off their upcoming album „Brothers & Devils“ for a while – feel free to watch it now!

New Signing: AHRM

Mai 6, 2014

A restless night with less than three hours of sleep. The alarm bell. Somnolence. Coffee. Checking news – checking mails. Routine.

Clicking on a mail. Sender : „AHRM“. Clicked on a youtube link. Still somnolent. Listening to the first chords of a song called „All The Bells“. Awake. Instantly. Damn! Wondering why the heck I never heard of them before after I realized that these guys do come from Malmö. The mission: signing these guys!


It’s an addiction. I just cannot stop listening to the 8 tracks of their debut album. Repeat. Satisfying my need.

Their selftitled debut album is going to be released in late summer. On vinyl. Promised!