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grant creon

Heimat:  Malmö, Schweden
Album:    Damn Those Things (2012)
Stil:           Classic Rock / Country


Mattias Larsson – vocals, guitars
Stefan Larsson – bass, vocals
Stefan Rausfält – drums
P-O Ruppel – guitar, vocals

Hailing from Malmö, south of Sweden, Grant Creon started playing together centered around Mattias Larssons songwriting talent. Influenced by the music of early seventies like; Neil Young & Crazy Horse, The Band and The Allmans as well as later disciples of the same; Will Oldham, Damien Jurado and Magnolia Electric Co. but glimpses of bands like Granddaddy and Cure also creeps in. Grant Creon comes out as something of a cross in-between. Their MySpace Profile saying; ‘Classic rock/Melodramatic Popular Song/Country’ pretty much sums it up.

Despite its members having been friends for more than ten years, and in some cases even living together, it was not until a bit later Grant Creon started playing in its current form. In 1999 Mattias Larsson (vocals, guitar) formed an early incarnation of Grant with his brother Stefan Larsson (bass, vocals) as an outlet for his own songwriting while still in (the instrumental) ‘Lemko Hall’. Having crossed paths with P-O Ruppel (guitar, vocals) and Stefan Rausfält (drums) around the music scene of Malmö and later playing percussion with their band ‘Bent Spanner, Arty Banner’ talks began with Mattias about them forming a band with a more ‘rootsy’ approach to music than what their (then) current bands were doing. Doing some scattered gigs the following years Grant Creon finally started playing full-time in 2004 when ‘Bent Spanner’ and ‘Lemko Hall’ disbanded. The Band has been writing, recording and doing gigs since.

In 2008 Grant Creon was asked to contribute a song for The American company Freakfilms Inc. documentary ‘Poster Kids’ about poster art. Notable gigs has been opening for ‘Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter’ and ‘Black Mountain. The members keep themselves busy and some are also found in the bands Idle Hands and Pets or Food.

The Grant Creon debut album is recorded in their own studio adjacent to their rehearsal space. The studio is run by Mattias Larsson who has recently also recorded the latest Golden Canine record ’Oh Woe!’ and the debut album from Idle Hands there.


Damn ThoseThings (2012)


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