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fallen trees

Heimat:   Malmö, Skåne län, Schweden
Album:    Dysto Fuzz (2013)
Stil:           Folk Rock / Indie / Pop


Emanuel Arvanitis   –  guitar, vocals
David Karlsson         –  bass, vocals
Kalle Larsson            –  banjo, mandolin, vocals
Mats Åberg                –  drums, vocals

The embryo of Fallen Trees came to life some ten years ago when Emanuel and David, bored out of their minds, left their hometowns for Malmö City. At this time both of them felt lost and frustrated and lacked a natural outlet for their feelings. Almost a decade of playing music in various constellations was much of help, but in the spring of 2010 there was still something missing. That last bit to make the puzzle complete. At this time Emanuel wanted to try something different musically. He lent an old hut in the deep forests of Höör outside Malmö. He brought David along to work on what they then thought was going to be a onetime session.

Maybe it was the raw wilderness that surrounded them. Maybe something else. But right there and then something happened. The banjo, the double bass, the mellow drums,the guitar and singing came together in a heavenly perfect blend. Back in the city none of the members could get their mind off what they all had experienced back in the hut – Sheer musical magic.

When they one month later realized that the several thousand people who had listened to their music online felt the same way it was no longer an option to not start up the band for real. Kalle, Emanuels comrade from uni, and Mats, a well known drummer from the region of Värnamo, joined and together they set out to hit every venue, big and small.

After 10 years of pregnancy Fallen Trees was finally born. Now they are stronger and more hard-working than ever. This is rock on folk instruments, a perfect balance between the organic and the electric.


Dysto Fuzz (2013)
Silence Is A Deafening Sound (2011)
Fallen Trees (2010)


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