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New Signing: Sans Parade

Oktober 27, 2012

Sometimes you listen to a track by a band you never heard of before. And sometimes this single track overwhelms you, leaves you breathless and evokes the feeling you’ve finally found a hidden treasure. It’s a wee bit ambivalent since you want to keep this feeling for yourself but also have the desire to share it with as many people as possible because it’s too beautiful to leave it unheard.

Owning a label means that you are privileged to do what you really love – and to release the music you really love. For this reason I am happy to announce that Stargazer will release the record of an incredible band from Finland called SANS PARADE. Their debut will come out in early 2013 in cooperation with the great Solina Records.

Please feel free to watch their latest videoclip. The last song will be a love song. Word!


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