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The Culture In Memoriam – Death Of Jimmie / Single + Video

Mai 13, 2012

“This is a song about a guy called Jimmie. I hate Jimmie.” / Victor, The Culture In Memoriam.

Everybody who is just a bit into the european politics might know Jimmie – the protagonist of The Culture In Memoriams new videoclip. Nevertheless we do not intend to call names. We do also know that this clip polarises, just because not everybody will get the political statements or even might interprete them terribly wrong. And we know, that this kind of RAF-aesthetics will possibly not find a huge fan base.

But „Death Of Jimmie“ is a statement – and a very important one for all involved parties.

“With sickness we watched the rightwing succeed in the swedish 2010 election. This marked the broken state not only Sweden, but Europe suddenly was in. In the streets of Malmö, our beloved Malmö, immigrants were shot to death unprovoked and all good forces in our society mobilized themselves against this violence.” Victor Håkansson.

„Death Of Jimmie“ will be released as a digital single on may 18th. You can watch the videoclip here. But please note: you’ve been warned, this is nothing for people with a dicky heart.

The Culture In Memoriam will hit the roads on may 17th – check out the tour section and feel free to visit their concerts, discuss with them about politics or just have a drink with them. See you on the road!


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