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Luke Leighfied – Seasons (The Documentary)

Februar 15, 2012

It’s done. We’re closer on what we want than ever before. The release date of „New Season“ is in the near future, we receive the first positive feedbacks but there is also lots of work behind us. Guess everybody will be relieved once the baby is born but first of all we want to present you a feature-length documentary about the making of „New Season“. It is even downloadble in different formats so you can watch it on your iPhone or iPad while sitting in the train. Please enjoy this documentary, it is really nice! Oh, and if you like it feel free to donate an Euro or two to appreciate all the work three great guys put into this movie.

Just click here to watch or download the entire movie (you are also allowed to watch just bits of it, but it is for better comprehension to watch it in its entity).


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