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New signing: Yucatan

Mai 29, 2016

I’m very excited to introduce you to the newest member of the ever-growing Stargazer family: Yucatan. Their second album «Uwch Gopa’r Mynydd» will officially be released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on July 15th. Echoes And Dust once said that „Yucatan may be the most essential band on the planet at this very moment.“ – See it for yourself and listen to a first track.

The Frank & Walters: new album

Mai 20, 2016

The Frank & Walters are synonymous with great albums, radio hits and a live show that has taken them all over the world during the course of a celebrated and critically acclaimed career. The new record is set to deliver more classic Franks’ melodies, alongside some poignant tracks on what is perhaps the band’s most personal album to date.

«Songs For The Walking Wounded» is due June 24th  – feel free to listen to «Fishes», a brand new tune. Now.

Launch: Stargazer Concert Series

Mai 11, 2016
copyright: Utopiastadt Wuppertal

I’m more than happy to announce that I will launch my own Stargazer concert series this summer. I’m really grateful to have the nice folks at Wuppertals Utopiastadt aboard – indeed a very fruitful and perfect partnership. We’ll start with Rekk on July 22nd and I’d love to see as many of you guys as possible!

AHRM: New EP / Preorder exclusive bundle

Januar 1, 2016

Swedish postpunk trio AHRM arrive on the scene again. January 29th will see the release of a new EP called „Bad Blood“, consisting of three new and previously unreleased songs. Besides a regular digital version available from all downloadstores worldwide (e.g. iTunes) we will release a special and very limited (100 copies) tape version. It is part of a shirt/tape deluxe bundle (including a free download) for the ridiculous price of 15 Euro. You can chose between a white shirt or a black shirt bundle. Curious what the new material might sound like?  Here is an appetizer: Video


REKK: Preorder

Dezember 7, 2015

If you like you can already preorder REKK’s upcoming debut album „SixtyTwo“.  Before ordering you can get a first glimpse of the recordings here. The preorder prices are very customer friendly – so save yourself a copy now.

CD (10 Euro incl. postage): here.

LP (13 Euro incl. postage): here.

New Signing: REKK

November 30, 2015

It’s always a very special feeling when you sign a new deal with a band. It’s exciting: will you – dear listeners – like them as much as I do? Will you feel this tingle, will your heart beat a bit faster? Unpredictable, neverthless I feel this strong trust. In you. Because Rekk are amazing and they deserve your attention. Some of you might already know this german quintet – as they supported the ever-present Annenmaykantereit earlier this year.

I am very happy to announce that Rekk will release their debut album on Stargazer. „Sixtytwo“ is due on February 26th, 2016. Feel free to listen to their first EPs until we will feed you with new material. Soon.

Sans Parade: Artefacts

November 9, 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen, I know it has been silent over here – I apologize for this fauxpas and hope you follow Stargazer on Facebook to not miss any news.

Be sure: there a some great new releases coming up! First of all Sans Parades sophomore album „Artefacts“, due November 27th in cooperation with Solina Records from Finland. You can already stream and buy „Hyperborea“ – the first single, released on October 23rd. Preorder the CD (10 Euro) or the Vinyl incl. Downloadcode (15 Euro) by sending a message to homeshopping(at) Both prices include shipping within Europe. Preorder the digital version here.